27.01.20 — surrender because you can.

I am… well equipped for anything life will throw me from beyond this point.

Yoga and meditation has never been so amazing. I crave the sound of the breath. It is the most soothing sound to my ears when I hear it. Yoga has really changed my life in so many ways. Yoga has helped me reached greater heights of self awareness and contentment. Yoga has taught me what it means to surrender.

I may never feel present at all times but I’m now able to catch myself and remind myself more often to… simply just go back to the sound of the breath.

The sound of the breath reminds me to let go of any fears, let go of any expectations. And to just to allow and let things be.

I never thought I could reach a place of stillness. A state of tranquility.

My mind was constantly back and forth and going a million miles an hour not so many months ago but now I have safe place to resort to when I need peace — the sound of the breath.


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