This morning, a co-worker was telling me about her cousin who’s having relationship problems.

And I thought this:

Do you wanna know why relationships are hard?


We always have an expectation or a template on how to love someone but from a young age, we aren’t given the tools or taught how to be in a relationship. Like, do you actually know how to truly love someone unconditionally or do you only know how to love someone based on preconceptions? Perhaps how you viewed your parents way of love or how you loved in previous relationships weren’t even right at all. How do you know you really love someone?

I guess you don’t really know. We show it through our own way of what we were taught from our early childhood all the way to our last or current relationship. Perhaps, we actually don’t know how to love. We think we do but we don’t. And that’s where the problem lies in relationships.


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