I’m really someone that hates being angry. It doesn’t make me feel strong at all even during conflict.

Say, between you and another party; there‘s a verbal argument of ‘I’m right’, ‘you’re wrong’ or I’ve been triggered so I’ve got to trigger the person back. You’ve got to have the last say, the last punch, the last laugh. Yeah, we’ve all been there.

Perhaps the person you have conflict with is having a really shitty day. For all we know the past 5 years of their life could have been really shit. But then again, it probably hasn’t been all rainbows and unicorns on your side. So maybe by reacting, you feel a sense of justice; you feel validated. You want to at least be on par or one up with said person. But really — by choosing to engage in the conflict, it’s an act of unkindness to your true self, to your higher self.

The ego just does its thing y’know. It’s easy to react rather than respond (not reacting to a situation counts as a response) because it requires less energy and effort. It’s more disciplinary work to access the place of love and to choose empathy.
You know by choosing to let ‘it’ go, i.e the conflict, you’re still choosing humility. Even if you don’t get the last say, the last punch, the last laugh. Because when something is literally so miniscule in the scheme of things, when something is so. damn. trivial. — it’s best to keep it that way.

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