Intention is the force in nature.
Intention is what creates our reality.
Intention is what orchestrates the fulfilment of our dreams.
Intention is about fulfilment.
Intention has infinite organizing power.
You must clearly visualise your intended outcome. This could be increased physical or mental capacity. It could be increased energy, vitality, enthusiasm for life, a sense of connection with the creative power of the universe, joy, love.
Whatever the intention, it doesn’t matter. It could be a material intention for affluence, for abbundance, for success, for higher guidance, for creative expression.
So, choose an intention. Nurture this intended outcome in your heart. Let it incubate through meditation and soon you’ll be inspired to make choices that will allow you to step out of helplessness and into a state of inner strength and power.
Today, let us break the illusion of dependancy through the power of intention.
If you have chosen your intended outcome then put your attention in your heart and listen with your soul.
What do I want?
Don’t seek the answers at this moment, just ask the questions.
Ask and you shall receive.
Live with this question.
Move with this question.
And soon you’d be moving into the answers. The answers will come to you as situations, as circumstances, events, relationships, insights and imagination.

— Deepak Chopra

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