Today, I will find my soul here and now.
This affirmation is about the present moment. Make this your promise for today.
Try to be as present as you can.
And when you become aware that you have wondered from the present moment, asked to be brought back.
The mind easily slips out of the now.
We fantasise about the future, we reminisce about the past.
When we feel distress, we anticipate the pain to come or remember the pain that went before.
Each detour takes us out of the present moment. Yet, the here and now is the only meeting place where you will find your soul.
Today, I will not dwell on the past or the future.
I will realise I have no need of either the past or the future when I step fully into the present.
Today, I will release all ghosts from my past so I may vanquish all ills.
I will no longer hold onto pain until it becomes anger.
Today, I will no longer hold onto pleasure before it becomes an addiction.
I will not anticipate pain or pleasure in the future to relieve my anxiety.
The present is the home of my being.
The past and future are only the dreams of whom I was, or what I might become.
Today, I will release the past and its burden of wounded dreams.

— Deepak Chopra

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