Today, I will put my attention to inter-beingness.
In the words of Lord Buddha:
Nothing exists by itself —
All things are inter-related.
He said:
We are inter-beings that inter-arise in the inter-isness.
Today, I will put my attention on the inter-relatedness of all that exists.
Today, I will understand the true meaning of relationship because it is through relationship that everything exists.
Today, I will realise that we are all a web of relationships;
That the whole universe conspires to create every event in our lives.
Today, I will look at a beautiful flower and I will see rainbows, and sunshine, and earth, and water and wind and the infinite void, and the whole history of the universe pretending to be a flower.
Today, I will look at myself and experience the whole universe within me pretending to be a person.
Through the web of relationships, I will see my inter-beingness.
Today, I will pay attention to relationship.

— Deepak Chopra

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