The spiritual warrior wills the world to manifest the highest point.
With self restrain you can control your impulses, desires and emotions.
This is the nature of inner strength.
You will not be deterred or distracted from your path of detaching from the things that you most want or fear.
This takes preseverance, persistance and resilience.
Today, ask yourself in the quiet of your mind with awareness in your heart; just ask yourself:
What do I want?
And then let go.
Just observe these sensations, images, feelings or thoughts that spontaneously arise on the screen of your awareness.
This is a clue.
This is what you want.
Having introduced this subtle intention in the quietness that is beyond your internal dialogue.
Let it go.
And let the subtle intention organise its own fulfilment.
This ultimately is true will.
It’s not personal will power coming from your ego identity but the will of the infinite being, in a very subtle way, going through your conditioned mind.

— Deepak Chopra

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