The spiritual warrior balances firmness with flexibility.
You are a mystery to yourself.
As humans, we are both happy and sad, full of love but also anger.
Yet, why do we feel these emotions?
Reality’s confusing.
How do you identify?
Realise that all of our descriptions are human-made perceptions of existence.
Gender, race, ethnicity, religion, all of these things are made from human observation.
Be in the world but not of it.
When you hear something new, do you evaluate it with an open mind?
The ego blocks expansive knowledge and the growth of true wisdom.
When you embrace the infinite potential of the moment, you realise the wisdom of:
That I exist is a perputual surprise.
Today, acknowledge your gratitude for existence and that is enough.
There is existence and there is awareness of existence, the two go together.
So today just put your attention in your heart and mentally repeat to yourself:
I’m grateful that that I exist.
I’m grateful for the awareness of existence and this is enough.

— Deepak Chopra

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