I deleted all of my social media accounts yesterday. I’m not anti social media nor did it consume much of my time. I did it just because. I had started deleting apps on my phone that I seldom used so I guess one thing lead to another.

In other news… today is my 201 consecutive days of yoga. I’m over the moon by this effort. Dylan Werner has been my guidance in recent times. Lately, yoga has really been next level and it has challenged my strength, flexibility and mobility. But I’m ready to take my yoga to new heights.

This week was pretty tough, internally. But when I lose footing, I always know how to pick myself back up and restart… it was hard alright. I’ll reset and I’ll be ok🙂

The older I get the more I crave the feeling of stillness and inner peace.

Thoughts, feelings… they really do come and go. You have to know that they are so temporary.

These days, I’ve noticed that I get sudden urges to breathe and meditate. I’ve started making a habit of reminding myself to be present as soon my mind wanders, as soon as I feel angry, sad, etc.

That is all I have control of, and I’m totally ok with this.


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