Why is it so hard to sit in silence today?
Why do some days feel like they just drag by?
The days flowing into the nights.
The night seamlessly turning into another dragging day.

Today, the breath in silence isn’t enough for what feels like a volcanic eruption inside of me, just waiting to explode.

If the Buddha says pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.
This — I remind myself day in and day out.
For I know that the aching is meant to be there when it is there, just as happiness is there when it is there.
I smile and I laugh when I feel joy.
So to cry during moments of sadness is a natural human reaction.

I remind myself now to just allow.
To feel.
That in times of uncertainty and sorrow;
In times of anger and frustration;
It is not how I react to the present moment but how I respond to the present moment.

When I feel anger, I want to lash out. When I feel sadness, I want to numb the pain with temporary pleasures, or solutions.

It is during moments like this, I kindly remind myself why I choose to sit in silence with just the sound of my breath whether I feel joy, sorrow or anger.

It is ok to feel what I feel but it is not ok to act in an impulsive manner in times of fleeting emotions.

Emotions are temporary. They will come and they will go. My reactions, however, may cause a domino effect.

I will just breathe for it is the most natural thing our bodies do when we are alive. The breath is the subtlest reminder to let us know we are present.

And in order for one to be present, one must be in the now.

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