The spiritual warrior harmonizes with others.
Hold yourself to the highest of standards when it comes to kindness and respect.
Let go of feelings of cruelty and anger towards others.
Compassion is a great source of strength and fortitude and a deep resource of comfort for ourselves and all others.
We have much for wish to be grateful.
When we demonstrate gratitude towards others, we are able to harmonize more peacefully.
Today, bring into your being the intention to harmonize with the elements and forces of the universe.
Remind yourself today that your biological rhythms are the symphonies of the universe and your biological organism is dancing to this symphony even though you can’t hear the tune.
So just by resting in being;
Improving on the quality of your sleep;
Alternating cycles of rest and activity;
Allow yourself to become part of the cosmic symphony.

— Deepak Chopra


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