The goal of meditation is to simply be present.

Meditation has really changed my life. Yoga has really changed my life.

I know it’s a quote that I keep coming back to but as the Buddha says:

Pain is inevitable, suffering is optional.

Because the fact is everybody experiences pain in their life. But not everybody has to suffer.

The best way to can explain this is to simply ask yourself such questions like…

How do I deal with pain?

Do I need to re-evaluate my coping methods?

Are there things from the past that still cause me pain?

Why am I not letting go?

Am I lacking discipline?

There are many questions you can ask yourself.

Everybody deals with pain in their own way and personally for me there are two ways to handle pain — the healthy way and the unhealthy way.

The healthy way which, for me, are things such as acceptance, forgiving, healthy coping methods, developing healthy habits. It’s the way that requires hard work and discipline. Even when you know there may be setbacks, you just keep going. It’s the way that feels like a long road but you know that it’ll benefit you for a longer term.

The unhealthy way is where you look for quick solutions to your pain. The quick solutions will provide you with instant gratification but will only hinder your progress in the end. You know it will feel good for a short amount of time but once it’s worn off, it’s almost as if you’re right back at square one. This is what I would call: “the easy way out” because this way requires no discipline or hard work.

Why I say all of this? Well, it’s honestly the result of meditating on a more frequent basis. Meditation requires very little physical work, body movements. It’s free. It will open up a whole new world for you.

My sister told me once, “I tried to meditate but I couldn’t sit still for a long time.”

And I just thought — You’ve been working your entire life; you’ve been sleeping lying down your entire life and you’ve sat through hundreds of movies. I’m sure sitting still, even at least for just 5 minutes, is not a difficult task. Perhaps, it’s exactly what you need.

In my next post, I will share the ways I meditate.


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