Session… 10?

I was 9mins 45secs from an hour of meditation. Incredible.

My period finally came. So did my new weighted blanket.πŸ€—

I’ve been re-doing my bedroom cause what the hell? I’m turning it into a bedroom/office. So far, it’s looking amazing. It’s a space I constantly look forward to. It’s become a bit of a haven for me. When my room is finished, I’ll take pics. I’ve bought a new desk, mirror, bed, pillows, added plants. It will look nothing like the way it did this time last year.

When I look around me and reflect back on where I am in life. I am really, really happy. I feel genuinely happy and warm.

What I feel like gains didn’t come without their losses though. But to just look back on how things were for me a year ago, I’ve ended up in a really happy, healthy and light place. And for that, I’m grateful.


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