Did I just go a whole week without meditation? I’m pretty I did and holy hell, I’m definitely feelin’ it.

I meditated for 38 minutes tonight, it’s really not enough and I look forward to tomorrow’s practice.

Although I’ve been avoiding meditation, well, it’s not that I avoid it, it’s just the first five minutes is the hardest, trying to settle into it. Still trying to accept the idea that it’s ok to do nothing and just sit still and just breathe.

As you know, life has gotten busier. Work’s about to get busy too and at first I was a little concerned at how I’m gonna tackle my studies while working full time but I would say I’m just a tiny bit ahead.

I haven’t decided how many subjects I’ll take next semester but I got a feeling I may stick with three, I think it’s manageable but 4 is really pushing it. No need to rush it, I guess…!

I’ve been feeling really on edge today. I think it’s cause I went without a cigarette today. I didn’t even plan this. I just suddenly decided I’d go cold turkey…

See you on the flip side🤸🏾‍♀️♥️🧘🏽‍♀️

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