Do I look 30? That’s cause I’m not. Well, I will be 30 next March. I’m really enjoying the solitude. I’m really enjoying this period, this transitional phase of my life.

Remember, last year I said let’s look back one year from now.

Things were so different this time last year. This is the happiest I’ve ever been in a long, long time.

Yoga, meditation, studying psychology are one of many additions within the past year. Amongst many other things.

Come tomorrow, I’ve gone without a cigarette for a whole week. This was totally unplanned. It kinda just happened. Well, I had tried to quit earlier in the year. And then again at some other point but this time it’s for real.

Work is a bit “meh” at the moment but luckily I’m able to clear my mind of work once I’m at home and focused on other things.

I’m feeling awesome.


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