I think… hmm…

It’s true. We tend to gravitate towards what feels familiar. It makes sense.

I was meditating the other night trying to get some clarity about something. Well, someone actually. And I realised that maybe I have not yet completely, 100% moved on, or healed from my last relationship. Because I keep finding myself in situations that set me up to feel a certain way.

This new person I find myself attracted to is very much like my ex. Perhaps, I don’t actually like her but am trying to feed a certain emotional addiction. Does it make sense? Because I got used to feeling insecure and jealous all the time in my past relationship that it feels like those feelings are a necessity. I know they are not. Maybe I need to dig deeper and get to the core of things. Perhaps feelings of insecurity, jealousy and anger stem back from my childhood trauma and not from my last relationship.

I will look into it.


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