02.03.1991… I mean 2021.

Hello three-o!

Interested to see what the next decade holds or what unfolds. I feel like my 30’s will be a bit more structured.

It’s crazy to think that my dreams and desires changed in my 20’s and now I want to take these new dreams and desires into fruition.

I feel like I have started life all over again. Starting with nothing but everything at the same time.

I feel like a student who has just learnt a bunch of theories and now I’ve got to get out there in the real world and put these theories into practice.

I guess the vision I have in my head of where I see myself in ten years is that I’d have at least what society expected me to have by now — career, marriage and isn’t there another one? Kids? Something like that? Right now I’d 100% put a line through all three but at the same time I know just how quickly shit can change. I’d at least want the career (70%) and marriage (30%). I can go without marriage but I’ll make the career bit happen. I mean imagine getting all three within the next decade? Possibly in like five years?😂 Stranger things have happened and life is unpredictable.

Ten years is a fucking long time. I don’t know what I’m in for or if I’ll even outlive covid! But I guess we’ll see.


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