Freud believed that a lot of our present behaviours are a result of the way we were brought up. It may not always necessarily be the case but I do agree that many of our traits and behaviours are a result of our upbringing.
A bit of self-disclosure: My mother had my sister at 20. Did she know what she was doing? Who knows ‘cause there’s way too many influences to factor in like the society she lived in, the culture, the way her own parents raised her, my biological father’s infidelity, the list goes on. All of these would have greatly contributed to the way she raised her children.
We probably grew up thinking our parent(s) were two self-actualised individuals (going by Maslows’ Hierarchy of Needs) but in reality, our parent(s) raised us from their own level of awareness. My mum had my sister at 20 — the internet back then was nowhere near as accessible as it is now. I knew fuck all when I was 20 even with Google at my own disposable😂
I can over-analyse this as a means to no end but my point is I believe my mother did all that she could do with the resources she had available and the knowledge she had at the time. I guess the question I pose is are you aware of how the relationship you had with your parent(s) during your adolescence has affected your adulthood? In terms of behaviour, morals, beliefs, your perceptions on friendships and love… everything. Actually, let’s cut the b.s, the real question is what dysfunctional behaviours did you acquire during your childhood that you have subconsciously brought to your adulthood? (That you may need to shed some light on).

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