Calm vs Headspace. And the winner is…

Well, after trialing both Headspace and Calm. Here’s my verdict…

As a beginner, I definitely think Calm and Headspace are great apps if you’re interested in the fundamentals and not sure where to begin in terms of meditation.

I considered myself as a beginner but after trialing both apps, I realised I needed something more, something deeper, something more compelling and challenging. That’s when I decided to give Insight Timer a go and in the end, it was the app best suited for my practice.

I can’t separate Calm and Headspace. It really comes down to personal preference. I enjoy the bed time stories more in Headspace but I like the aesthetics and layout of Calm better. I also like the daily check in on Calm as it allows you about 5-10 minutes reflection.

I feel Insight Timer has a more Buddhist, Zen feel to it and features an Advanced section for those, like myself, who want a deeper practice. 20 minutes meditation is really not enough for me. I think I need about 2 hours at this point to reach a point of lightness.

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