Bible: Ecclesiastes

Ecclesiastes believes wisdom does not bring success, in fact thinks life is never clear. Ecclesiastes brings forth the following things:

The March of time:

⁃ Generations come and go but the Earth has been here long before us

⁃ No one remembers people from long ago

⁃ People who enter the world will too become forgotten

We are all going to die:

⁃ Humans face the same fate as animals — death

⁃ The good and the bad, those who offer sacrifices to God and those who do not, we all share the same destiny

⁃ After all activity and madness, we all join the dead

Life’s random nature:

⁃ The race doesn’t always go to the swift nor the battle to the strong, nor does food always come to the wise, or wealth to the brilliant, or favor to the educated

⁃ Time and chance happen to them all

⁃ You can’t really control anything in life

Ecclesiastes believes it’s a good idea to learn wisdom and to live in the fear of the Lord but since you can’t control your life — you should stop trying.

You only have control over one thing and that’s your attitude towards the present moment.

At the end of the book, the author has the last say:

Don’t lose hope. Be humble and be someone who trusts that life has a meaning even when you can’t make sense of it.