Bible: Exodus

Exodus: Part I

⁃ 400 years has passed since Genesis

⁃ The Abraham family has grown and has now become the people group named, Israel

⁃ The Israelites are enslaved to the King of Egyptians named Pharaoh

⁃ Pharaoh believes all of the Israelite sons should be killed by throwing them in the Nile River

⁃ An Israelite woman safely throws her son in the Nile River

⁃ Pharaoh’s daughter finds this baby and takes him as her own

⁃ Moses is introduced

⁃ Moses grows up and later has an encounter with God

⁃ God appoints Moses as the man he will use to deliver Israel

⁃ Moses tells Pharaoh that God wants his people (the Israelites) free

⁃ The Pharaoh laughs at Moses and decides to make the Israelites work even harder

⁃ Moses is discouraged and goes back to God to tell him his plan will not work

⁃ God reassures Moses that he will rescue the Israelites

⁃ God knows the Pharaoh will resist so he sends ten different plagues one after another

⁃ The tenth plague kills the first born sons across all Egypt in every house

⁃ The lamb recipe is introduced

⁃ God tells the Israelites to pick out the lambs and prepare it to be eaten

⁃ God has instructed that the blood of the lamb must be smeared over the walls of their houses and anyone who is within these houses will be spared from the final plague

⁃ The final plague makes the Pharaoh angry and demands the Israelites get out of Egypt

⁃ The Pharaoh has a change of hearts just as the Israelites were leaving Egypt

⁃ The Pharaoh and his army are destroyed in the Red Sea as Israel passes into freedom

⁃ The Israelites start wandering in the desert; tired, hungry and lost

Exodus: Part II (The ten commandments)

⁃ The Israelites have ended up on the mountain, Sinai

⁃ God’s presence comes down in the form of a violent storm

⁃ God invites Israel into a unique and close relationship with him — a covenant

⁃ God gives Israel a set of laws which include the ten commandments

⁃ If Israel obey these commandments, they will become the people who will represent God to the nations of the world

⁃ Israel agree to obey the laws but refuse to go into God’s presence

⁃ Moses decided to meet God by himself

⁃ God tells Moses he wants all of the Israelites to be in his presence so requests Moses to build a tent

⁃ Moses finds Israel breaking the first two commands of the covenant — 1. Don’t have any other Gods before me and 2. Don’t worship any other statues

⁃ God wants to wipe out the world again and start with Moses

⁃ Moses pleads to God and reminds him of the promise he made to Abraham

⁃ God sticks to his promise

⁃ The tent is built and God presence comes down to fill the tent

⁃ Moses enters the tent to be in God’s presence only for him to realise that he is actually unable to go inside the tent