Bible: Joshua


⁃ So God chose Abram and his family became the people of Israel

⁃ Israel become enslaved to Egypt

⁃ Through Moses, God rescued Israel out of Egypt

⁃ Made a covenant with them at Mt Sinai

⁃ Israel wandered through the desert

⁃ Israel camped outside of the promised land

⁃ Abram dies

⁃ Joshua leads Israel into the promise land

⁃ Once they enter the promised land, they engage in a battle against the hostile Canaanites

⁃ Joshua divides up the promised land

The introduction of Joshua:

⁃ Joshua is appointed as Israel’s new leader

⁃ Joshua asks the people to obey the Torah (the commandments)

⁃ Spies get sent into the promised land

⁃ Some Canaanites convert and follow the God of Israel

⁃ Joshua leads Israel across the Jordan River and into the land

⁃ The Jordan River parts and the priests carry the ark of the covenant across

⁃ Joshua has an encounter with a mysterious warrior who turns out is the angelic commander of God’s army

⁃ Joshua asks the warrior — are you here for us or for our enemies? (Which ultimately becomes the real question of whether Joshua is on God’s side)

Jericho and Ai:

⁃ First two battles are against Jericho then Ai

⁃ At Jericho, Israel takes a passive approach and let God’s presence in the ark lead them around the city to music for six days

⁃ Rabah turns to the God of Israel but the people of Jericho don’t follow suit

⁃ On the seventh day, the priests blow the trumpet and the walls come falling down leading Israel to Victory

⁃ At Ai is the Israelite Achan

⁃ Achan steals from Jericho some the goods belonging to God and lies about it

⁃ Israel goes into battle with the city of Ai and Israel are defeated

⁃ After severely dealing Achan’s sin, Israel gains victory


⁃ The Gibeonites turn to follow the God of Israel and they make peace with Israel

⁃ Caananite Kings foem alliances and coalitions to destroy Israel

⁃ Israel engages in a battle with the Caananites and Israel is victorious

An aging Joshua:

⁃ Joshua starts dividing up the land for the twelve tribes of Israel

⁃ Joshua gives speeches to the people

⁃ Joshua reminds the people of God’s generosity and to be faithful to the covenant

⁃ Joshua leads Israel with a choice