Bible: Proverbs

The next three books starting with Proverbs tackles the main question of “How to live a good life?” The book Proverbs contain… well… a bunch of proverbs to help guide you live a good life.

Each book is told from a different perspective. If we view these books from the perspectives actual human beings, we’d get something like this…

Proverbs: brilliant young teacher

Ecclesiastes: sharp middle-aged critic

Job: weathered old man who seen a lot in his day

The brilliant young teacher who is smart about everything, work, relationships, sex, spirituality. She has incredible insight — things you wouldn’t see on your own. So what makes her so smart?

⁃ Proverbs can see most people don’t see

⁃ Belief that there is an invisible creative force in the universe that can guide peole and how they shouls live

⁃ The force affects everything that we do

⁃ This force is names Chokma

⁃ When people make good decisions, they are tapping into chokma

⁃ When people make bad decisions, they are working against chokma

⁃ Essentially chokma is a caused and effect pattern

⁃ Proverbs makes herself available to everyone who’s willing to listen to her and to learn

⁃ Proverbs believes that anyone can access can interact with chokma

⁃ Chokma isn’t just intellectual knowledge, it is also the ability to craft your talent and developing the skills of making a good life

⁃ The journey to becoming wise has to begin with what Proverbs calls “The fear of the Lord”