Never Be Like You | Flume x Kai

So the first time I listened to this, I didn’t know what I thought of it sonically. The second time I listened to it which was the day after Flume released it, I liked 2 things about it. One was the structure because there’s like this weird paradox happening where it’s so percussively complicated (compared to his older stuff) but yet the song is melodic simple. I can’t put my finger on the second thing – I’m still trying to figure that one out. But anyway, today I finally bought the single of iTunes cause for some reason, I was just dying to listen to it. And now I fucking love it. And I actually can’t figure out what he’s done to those chords whether they are arpeggiated or ducked, or perhaps both? Someone tell me…

Flesh Without Blood | Grimes

“It might be actually one of the most personal songs on the record. It’s definitely a song for a former best friend of mine… We’re not really best friends anymore. I guess it’s for her, sort of. And it’s kind of angry, kind of sad, or something. Just being really disappointed in someone who you once truly admired, I think.” – Grimes

I love Grimes. I went on my profile and I noticed she’s my 7th most listened to artist overall. At first I was a bit surprised cause I feel like I haven’t listened to her much over the last few years but then I remembered just how much I enjoyed ‘Visions’. Anyway, in 2015 she released ‘Art Angels’ which to me is her best work to date and I am so, so excited to catch her Laneway next month! I’m really looking forward to losing my voice during her set.