Bible: Deuteronomy

The story so far:

⁃ Israel has escaped from slavery in Egypt

⁃ Spent one year in Mt. Sinai

⁃ Wandered the desert for 40 years

⁃ They ended up at the Jordan River which is right across from the promised Land

Deuteronomy is broken into three sections. It is basically Moses giving a speech to the new generation who are about to enter the promised land.

First section:

⁃ Moses speaks in a somber tone

⁃ He highlights Israel’s rebellion and resistance which has been going for the last 40 years

⁃ Moses sets a challenge to the new generation to be different from their parents and to respond to God’s grace with love and obedience

⁃ He reminds them of the ten commandments like the basics of the covenant

⁃ He then gives them the very famous line — “listen oh Israel, the Lord is our God, the Lord alone. Love the lord your God with all your heart, soul and strength.”

⁃ Moses tell them that if they do listen and love, they will fulfill their original calling as the family of Abram to show all the nation’s the wisdom and justice of God

Second section:

⁃ Consists of laws and commands

⁃ The laws include how Israel is to worship God, their leadership structure, social justice and their worship.

⁃ After reminding the new generation of the laws, Moses warns Israel of the consquences of their obedience or disobedience

⁃ If Israel obey, they will experience abundance in the land

⁃ If Israel disobey, they will experience plagues

Third section:

Moses says: I set before you today life or death blessing or curse so choose life.

⁃ After spending 40 years with the people, Moses know they will not obey and predicts failure and exile

⁃ God promises to transform their heart so one day they can truly love and listen

⁃ Joshua is introduced and is appointed the new leader of Israel

⁃ Moses takes the entire law code (his prediction) and puts it into the ark of the covenant

⁃ Moses hikes up to the top of a mountain and then he dies