I feel like I only write these posts to look through my goals and see what I need to work on and keep an eye on my progress. So, let’s see what my goals were for June.

Start putting together a demo for gigging
I’m not sure if I’m doing this but I’m definitely musically active. I’m still creating which is the important part. I asked a guy I went to uni with if he wants to put a mixtape together. And we’ve currently got something in the works. If I release music this year, I can definitely put a big tick over this goal.

‘Grow with the flow’
I think that’s definitely the theme for this year. While I tend to just go with the flow, I decided to use my initiative more often and grow with the flow rather than just going with it.

Stay on top of priorities
I probably should’ve elaborated on this more because I actually have no idea what this was referring to although I feel like I’ve definitely got my priorities in the right order.

Give more
I think I did the total opposite but let me work on this one.

Spend more time in the kitchen
I definitely need to work on this one too. Cooking is so much fun too. I just need to allocate more time to it.

Start running consistently again
I’m slowly getting there. All summer, I was like oh I can’t wait til it’s winter, I’m gonna run like mad. Well, now I’m like fuck it’s too cold, I can’t wait for summer. I’m not running as consistently as I was earlier in the year but I’m still running.

Alright my goals for July:

These goals are going to be a little bit more specific…

  • Start doing yoga.
  • Learn to cook at least one new thing.
  • Finish that track with Tisun.
  • Learn something new on Ableton.
  • Restart the BBG.
  • Keep my car clean.
  • Be wiser with money.
  • $AVE, $AVE, $AVE
  • Try and run a 20km session.
  • Research sustainable homes.
  • Read more.
  • Stop eating shit food.
  • Breathe.

June was a pretty solid month. A few mates and I went on a road trip down south. I felt like it was a much needed break from everything else. It was a lot of fun and a lot of good times. I love checking out new places too. We went all the way down to Esperance. That’s the furthest I’ve ever been south.

I’ve started to really get into plants. Ahhh, nature always reminds me why I love and appreciate it so much… in more ways than one.

Shortly after the the little adventure, I rewarded myself with a Mercedes. I’ve always wanted a Mercedes.

And somewhere in between all of this, I also fell in lust.

I’ve been reading about holistics a fair bit actually. It’s interesting. I discovered a new place I’ve bucket listed. It’s called Socotra Island which translates to the ‘Island of Bliss’. It’s a real alienated island but with very rare flora and fauna and I NEED to go there. Banff and Socotra are definitely on top of the bucket list right now.

I need to start sharing some of my thoughts on here more often. I’ve got a lotta notes on my phone and I always say I’ll post them on here but I never end up doing it.

I don’t have a lot of things planned for July so I guess I can really work my butt off. I HAVE to stay focused. I will stay focused.

Life is pretty damn amazing at the moment. Let’s keep it that way.