The month of May.

Wow that was a huge month. Will elaborate but first thing’s first:

– 15km run.

I’ve been super rusty running and getting a tad lazy. But I know exactly why and it comes down to my diet. I need to eat healthy and properly. Having said that, I can give this goal a big tick and I’m actually super proud of my efforts.

– Sustain BBG.

I’ve stuck with it. I’ve been slack with the full body workouts in weeks 6-8 but that’ll be the challenge when I repeat the guideline, I’ll have to step it up.

– EAT HEALTHY (no more cheat meals)

This is huge. I really need to do some research. And I need to invest in the time. I want to run consistently again and be able to work out without feeling super tired halfway, I need to eat properly.

– $AVE, $AVE, $AVE


– Build on my self confidence and self esteem.

I think I’m getting better with this. I’m a lot healthier and fitter and that definitely helps when trying to take on the world.

– More music.

I need to find my mojo again. I told myself, I’d start looking into playing gigs this year. I really need to focus on this.

– Stay focused.

I guess this goal and the above goals all go hand in hand. It has a been huge in terms of change and growth and I really want to smash it out second half of the year.


  • Start putting together a demo for gigging
  • ‘Grow with the flow’
  • Stay on top of priorities
  • Give more
  • Spend more time in the kitchen
  • Start running consistently again 

Boy did I learn so much in May. About everything. I feel like May was a month of complete transformation. A rollercoaster ride of a month. My body, soul and mind definitely went through the motions.

Next month will be another big month. New adventures planned. Should be interesting.