Session 10?

I lost count. Lasted for 27 minutes.

Best session in a while that I’ve experienced.

Pretty intense at one stage but a good kinda intense.

I’m feeling pretty joyful at this moment.


Session 9

A lot of random thoughts came to surface.

I just let them pass. I made sure I just observed them. And reminded myself to separate my thoughts from my true self

I thought a lot about different people, from the past, from the present.

I reflected on how I did today. How often was I present, things like that.

I’m feeling calm right now. I start school in 2.5 weeks time. The text books for this semester are super expensive but I think I might buy them especially if I plan on becoming the best counsellor ever. I kinda hate using the term counsellor for some reason. Anyway, I was about to say I love books so why not add some expensive ones to the collection.👩🏾‍💼😂

I’m outta here. What a day!


I really hate it when people say or make it out to be that I’m crazy just because I can see it and feel it.

And they say oh that’s not true. Oh I’ll never do that. Oh why do you think like that?




It’s because I’ve seen it before, been through it before, people have done it to me before so when I see I’m about to go through the same shit, I make sure that doesn’t happen.