50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music

That time of the year again where I take a look into classical music.

Yes, I just want to know about everything and anything music related. I have a huge thirst for musical knowledge. I’m pretty sure this is apparent to anyone that knows me, haha. And I don’t think anyone will ever understand why. I don’t even understand it myself but I’ve been like this for as long as I remember. Like I love my family and friends but music is very much on par, it’s a different kind of love.

Found this list of the 50 Greatest Pieces of Classical Music. Yes, we’re all very familiar with that first one.

Anyway I’m just trying to get through Mass In B Minor by Bach. Oh Lordy, it is very lengthy. People back then obviously had the capacity and patience to listen to lengthy compositions. Although I don’t mind, I’m just all about that melody!

Who is Christopher Marlowe?

Ever heard of the Marlovian Theory? It’s a theory suggesting Christopher Marlowe, a playwright born on the same year as William Shakespeare, who by the way was a famous playwright and poet before Shakespeare, faked his death, kept writing and passed all his work to Shakespeare. I know, it sounds crazy.

This is the theory in a nutshell. Whoever created this video absolutely nailed it, haha.