The text msg from my best friend that changed my perception.

“Ahh just feel like I’m back at square 1. I hate nights like this”

“You’re definitely not at square one – you’re at square 5000000000 it just so happens that this square is mirroring ones that you’ve been on in the past. In 11 months you’ve lived a good 330 days or so and a million different incidents that you may or may not even be aware of have been at work interacting with you and changing you. You’re not the same person you were when you felt this way last time. And you can make a different choice. It hurts but sometimes life does – you can ride through it until a happy moment comes along. I believe you’re very strong and very important. Just ‘be’ for the moment and the world will shift and positives will come along. Life just happens and when you know you’re strong enough to get through anything it makes life a little easier. I believe in you! And just don’t get too angry at yourself or the world because everything is half chance too – so sometimes you just have to go with the flow for the world to bring good things your way. I wish a warmness for you in your heart – and I know that that doesn’t have to come from finding ‘the one’. But can come from connections with others and the things we love – life is about more than relationships. So just because one thing isn’t going the best right now doesn’t mean that everything else can’t bring you happiness. And if you’re feeling lonely I’m always here xxx”

A couple of guidelines for melody making…

So, I’ve just recently discovered this article and I’m going to start applying it in my music and see where it takes me. Some interesting guidelines. And thank God, I know enough music theory that I won’t struggle understanding these guidelines.

Just some a few things I really want to remember:

– Most melodies start on either I / VIII or V
(with exceptions)

I created a music theory chart like 5 years ago to help me with my scales so I get that. Interesting to know that most melodies start on the root note. That makes sense, although I always thought most melodies start somewhere in the middle of that particular key signature.

– All melodies end on I / VIII
(with exceptions)

Again, interesting. Although this is something I’ve applied in my own music.

Just reading this now. It’s ‘Seven Steps To Writing Memorable Melodies’. It makes a few good points actually, emphasising on the interaction/relationship between the chord progression and the melody.

Gonna go make some memorable melodies right now. Saturday night, you know how it is.