This month has been quite uneventful and uninspiring at times (in terms of working on my own music) but you know what I’m proud of is that I’ve made up for it in other areas of my life. I kind of entered the year with this motto – ‘make it count’. I really want to make the days count in one way or another.

I ran over 100kms in total this month, I can easily say that’s the most I’ve ever ran in an entire month. That’s probably the biggest highlight of January and something I’m definitely proud of.

A lowlight would be cancelling my Bali trip which is ok because I’ve rebooked for April and I’ll be going with Jake and Shanowa and I can’t wait! It’s gonna be so much fun. This will be my first time going out of the country in 3 years or something. Can’t believe it’s been that long.

The Hottest 100 recently happened and like every year it’s always a bit anti-climatic towards the end but the countdown was probably one I’ve enjoyed the most in recent years! I hung out with Shanowa on Australia Day and we just chilled by the water and got high and pigged out on junk food. It was actually great!

I bought a second ticket to Laneway this month and I asked my bestie if she wanted to come along, she’s coming and I’m so so super excited. Grimes, Flume and Hermitude have been my most played artists throughout this summer and I can’t believe they’re all gonna be at Laneway. I haven’t stopped playing Art Angels and Flume has released 2 new singles this month and I’m in love with both of them! I think Grimes clashes with Beach House at Laneway though which I’m so bummed about. Lizel helped me shop for my Laneway outfit too and I’m so ready to dance my woes off!

Oh, I also recently bought my GTM ticket which is still yonks away (May) but hey might as well go all out this year, right?!! AAAAAND… Cal and Ferdi have booked their dates for June and I actually cannot contain my excitement. I’ve planned a road trip itinerary for us to follow! Such exciting and adventurous times ahead.

Tryna think what else I got up to this month. Oh, I finished watching that Making A Murder show on Netflix. I didn’t it was as great as everyone made it out to be but I still enjoyed it! And it took me like 3 weeks to get through it but I finally watched The Godfather and I mean just the first one, not the entire trilogy haha.

I think this month, the most frustrating feeling is I’ve been craving an adventure and I think that’s why I’ve been feeling uninspired lately too. And that I’ve probably spent way too much money like for an example I bought nearly $200 of Sukin products but hey at least it’s something I’ll use right and I probably won’t have to stock up for another 6 months!

Overall, January was an ok month. Some of my goals for February:

– find a way to get inspired so I can keep creating or if I’m not inspired, learn a new technique on Ableton
– learn to cook something new! (I have plenty of unused and untouched ingredients in the pantry that I’ll need to use!)
– be a bit wiser, money wise. I need to start saving again.
– eat healthier more often! although I am doing this, I tend to get bored, I just need to learn to expand my palette and apply variety in my diet!
– increase my minimum daily run to 7kms instead of 6kms. It was actually 4kms until I started running 6kms most days! and maybe try to get to 15kms

Seeya in February!