I don’t wanna make this post super lengthy so I’m just gonna go over my goals from last month and see where I am…

– Take control. No more contemplating, just go for it. Whatever it is I wanna do, go for gold, brother.

Ok, so something is happening this weekend and it’s making me super nervous but I’m also excited and I just really wanna go for it and see if I like it. Will elaborate on it soon.

– Save, save, save.

I’ve been really good financially actually and I can definitely give this a big tick.

– Don’t stop creating.

Wasn’t a great month creatively. Just a lack of focus and direction really. I was still creative here and there though but I want to be consistent.

– Keep learning, keep researching… knowledge is power.

When do I ever stop soaking in knowledge?!

– 15km long distance run.

I’ve been a bit rusty since coming back from Bali but I’m going to promise myself to achieve this in May.

– Sustain the Kayla Itsines BBG.

Big tick.

– Try out new recipes and stick with a good diet.

I still need to work on my diet and I’m slowly getting there!

– Oh and due to recent events, don’t be afraid to greet love with open arms. Well, I don’t think I’m afraid but I think what I meant is maybe put myself out there. The ideas of dates scare me but I’m so totally gonna go for it, haha. I’m not one to persuit or chase but hey, I think times have changed… I’m just going after what I want these days.

Wtf was this about? Haha.

Goals for May…

– 15km run.
– Sustain BBG.
– EAT HEALTHY (no more cheat meals)
– $AVE, $AVE, $AVE
– Build on my self confidence and self esteem.
– Stay focused.
– More music.

Quite an eventful month. I went out of the country for the first time in like 2/3 years. It’s always very refreshing and I always feel more confident and full of ideas when I get back from an adventure. Thanks to Shanowa and Jake for letting me tag along in Bali. I have sooo many photos on my phone of this adventure. If you go on my instagram, you will see a few but there were plenty more, that’s for sure!
I have another adventure planned in June when Cal and Ferdi get here. I actually can’t wait. We are just gonna have so much fun. And I feel like there will be plenty of laughs!

What an amazing month in terms of music. Flume dropped a killer single. New LP’s courtesy of Beyonce and Drake. I was looking at my last.fm recently and I noticed just how much new music and music in general I’ve been listening to this year.

Just looking back, I think April was a very solid month. Right now I’m like thinking whether to elaborate on several things or just leave it for now. I’m not really in a mood to blog so maybe I’ll just edit this later on. The football is about to start so…

I hope May will be a big month for me. I feel like this year is a big year for me. I want to achieve SO much. Stay focused. Let’s do this.