March! My birthday month!

Hello, hello.

Well, first things first! My goals last month were:

– reach out to other artists and discuss making music together
I did reach out to others but that was as far as it went. However, I did spend a lot of time creating. I started a couple of new projects.

– $AVE, $AVE, $AVE
I needed to save up for my Bali trip which I certainly did. But I do have other things happening in the coming months which I will need to save for as well.

– keep eating healthy
I reckon March was probably my healthiest month ever.

– outrun running mileage – perhaps reach 12kms at some point too?
I realised I did this late Feb but March was still a solid month in terms of running. I’m still running, and I still love it.

– try and go to bed earlier
Getting there, getting there.

– increase resistance training
I started following the Kayla Itsines guide but I didn’t follow it properly. I was doing wayyyy too much and honestly I think it was too much for my body. Running everyday and resistance training everyday… bad idea. I came across an article on the importance of rest days. I need to stop telling myself that I’m not lazy when I have rest days!

– have at least two complete tracks
Honestly, if I wanted to, I could complete a new track weekly. I never thought the day would come where I pretty much know what I’m doing now. It’s crazy. I remember the days where I would only come up with a loop in the space of 3 hours, haha.

– suss out Ableton Live even more (it’s kind of funny just how much I know on there but also funny how much I don’t know on there!)
I will, soon.

That was a pretty good month. Although I didn’t have many things planned, it was actually quite a productive month and I feel like I made the most of it.

Some of the highlights:

My face clearing up quicker than I expected. I had this terrible, terrible breakout and I know it’s not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things but to me it was a huuuuge deal and that breakout was a turning point and became a massive factor to my diet habits.

The Wildcats vs Breakers grand final with Lizel. And the Wildcats won. It was such an awesome experience. I had a lot of fun!

Being creatively active. This is a big deal for me cause usually I have to be inspired but now I can kind of just switch to a certain mode and get to working, I don’t need inspiration although inspiration is always great.

Beating my 6km PB, it was like 5:12 per minutes or something. I never ever thought that would happen.

The AFL season commencing. I’ve only waited for it my whole life.

Now that I think about it, March was actually a really great month.

I read and learnt a lot about porn. I have to blog about my discoveries soon. I’m literally obsessed with all aspects of porn.

I’ve also discovered A LOT of new music, like it’s crazy.

I also learnt that a real friend will be happy for you no matter what you decide to do in life.

I’m going through some sort of transformation in my life at the moment and I feel like I’m starting to gain a certain kind of hold/control over my life. I’ve never felt like this before, probably cause usually I tend to go with the flow but I think for the first time ever, I want total control. Mostly control over the things I want out of my life. I’m honestly at a point where it’s like ok what do I want to achieve, what are my goals? etc. And it’s crazy cause I’ve been contemplating less about the things I want and pretty much just going for it. Which brings me to what I’m excited about the most – my goals for April.

– Take control. What I discussed above. No more contemplating, just go for it. Whatever it is I wanna do, go for gold, brother.
– Save, save, save.
– Don’t stop creating.
– Keep learning, keep researching… knowledge is power.
– 15km long distance run.
– Sustain the Kayla Itsines BBG.
– Try out new recipes and stick with a good diet.
– Oh and due to recent events, don’t be afraid to greet love with open arms. Well, I don’t think I’m afraid but I think what I meant is maybe put myself out there. The ideas of dates scare me but I’m so totally gonna go for it, haha. I’m not one to persuit or chase but hey, I think times have changed… I’m just going after what I want these days.

I honestly really enjoyed this month. An essay before I go out…

I recently turned 25. I’m nowhere near where I want to be in certain areas of my life and that’s fine, everyone is the same. In other areas, I feel like I’m well beyond my age and sometimes I feel like… I’m 25. Although I’ve always known this, I just wanna say – don’t be afraid to go after what you want in life. It’s only now I’ve started to take full control of my life and my attitude. I think I’m no longer afraid to go after what I want. And you shouldn’t either. You only live once, after all.

Famous last words courtesy of The Flaming Lips – “Do you realise everyone you know someday will die?”