Sun in Pisces // Moon in Virgo

I’m a Pisces with a moon in Virgo aka a walking contradiction. Hah.

With Pisces and Virgo being polar opposites on the charts; growing up, my sister (who happens to be a Virgo) and I used to get on each others throats. We have a pretty good relationship now. However, I never really understood her logical and calculated approach to anything. Logic didn’t really exist for me as I had a more intuitive approach in life.

The last couple of years, I have definitely tried to channel my moon in Virgo by using logic and being more practical. I have a tendancy to float but I’d like to think I’m not as floaty as I was in the past. I’m not just coming up with a million ideas and brushing them under the carpet. Instead now I act and try my best to take my ideas to full fruition.

I also discovered something interesting — I noticed that I tend to attract Earth signs (especially Taureans) more so than my fellow water signs (Cancer and Scorpio). I’ve also noticed that I don’t really get along with most Pisceans.

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