Less is more

Just finished doing a big clean up with my belongings.

I can’t believe I had acquired that much crap over the years. Off course, a lot of these things are music gear that I worked my little culo off and saved up for. So, I guess it’s not really crap.

The older I get, the more I realise I don’t really need, and even want for that matter, to accumulate many things. I just need a several essentials and I’m good.

‘Less is more’ has always been a philosophy I applied when it comes to making music, now I find myself applying it in everyday living and life in general.

I’ve also become a lot better in not being so attached to my possessions. Like, if I had to part ways with my phone, my car, my laptop etc, I would be ok. Ok, maybe not so much my laptop because that’s my main instrument for music but you get the idea.

I’ve slowly rid of all the things I no longer need but I feel like there is still so much. However, I did make a promise to myself that my books were one thing I would not get rid of. Everything else can pretty much go.

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