The Difficulty of Self Knowledge III

The urge to forget the primal wounds is not hard to understand. It is deeply implausible, but also humiliating, to imagine that events from so long ago might be influencing the bulk of our feelings and actions in the here and now.

The School of Life

Yes, it’s true. It’s painfully humiliating that past experiences can have a tragic hold on us.

The fact the things from the past gets carried over to the present moment is so unfair.

People may have hurt, betrayed or disappointed us so many times throughout our lives; we may have hurt or disappointed others many times throughout their lives. But being resentful is not a healthy solution.

In order for us to be genuinely happy after experiencing hurt, betrayal or disappointment, we must learn to forgive. Because forgiveness comes from having compassion, from being compassionate.

People say that the opposite of love isn’t hate, it’s indifference. Because to hate means holding onto something with resentment whereas indifference means you’ve accepted the pain and you have graciously moved on from it with absolute forgiveness. Forgiveness after all is the releasing of resentment.

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