Level 1: 07.10.19

Day 2

Alright Day 2 of Level 1. Today was interesting to say the least. I don’t know. Life’s full of surprises that’s for sure. I managed to get halfway through The Power of Now yesterday and literally spent the whole evening reading. I could probably finish it soon, I only have about 80 pages left. The book couldn’t have come at a better time for me especially with how consumed I was with something that happened at work today. When I find myself getting lost in my thoughts, it’s like there’s that other “mind” or other “voice” that kinda tells you no, stay present cause that’s all there is and all there ever will be. When I’m able to be in the present, I feel better cause it’s like hey there’s really nothing to be worried about right now, at this very moment.


As I progress through this level of the course, I intend to practice being mindful and refrain from judging myself or others.

Daily affirmation:

I am willing to let go of the past and be humble enough to let things be different now.

Daily affirmation.

Did you respond rather than react?

There was this thing that happened today at work which kinda just… left me feeling disappointed more than anything. And then it made me start over thinking and then it was down hill from there. I don’t know but I just brushed it off at first and then I really wanted to vent to the one co-worker who knew what was going on. I guess I responded more than anything.

Did you communicate authentically rather than defend and attack?

Probably a bit of both but can’t recall ever saying anything that could have been attacking.

Did you acknowledge your uniqueness rather than compare yourself with others?

Acknowledge my uniqueness.

Did you focus on who you are becoming rather than dwell on the past?

No, I was probably dwelling more on the future but I was able to come to my senses.

Did you remain generous with yourself rather and others rather than being critical and stingy?

I wasn’t very generous in my thoughts which I’m trying to work on it but it was interesting to pay more attention to my thoughts. There were moments throughout the day where I was kinda like, no don’t think like that.

Did you remain open and receptive rather than push, dominate and manipulate to gain control?

I remained open and receptive and tried to look on the brighter side of things.

Did you remain mindful rather than unconscious?

I was mindful.

Did you remain responsible rather than blame or deny?

I remained responsible.

Did you remain humble rather than judgemental or righteous?

Probably a bit of both. I think my judgemental thoughts could be justified in another light. But I’m pretty much over what happened today that made me feel disappointed.

Make a note in your journal of what you specifically don’t like about yourself in each of the following areas:

Appearance – your body or sense of aesthetic

Today I dislike nothing about my appearance

Performance – your ability to produce results and achieve your goals

I tried to remind myself several times throughout the day to not let my mind wander and just focus on what is happening in the present moment

Contribution – your ability to have impact and make a difference

I tried to make a difference in any way I could today

Creativity – your ability to be imaginative and inventive

Individuality – your ability to value your essence and acknowledge your uniqueness

Love – your ability to love and be loved

Sensitivity – your ability to be kind, caring and compassionate

I tried to be as kind, caring and compassionate as much as I could today

Intuition – your ability to be wise, perceptive and intuitive

Respond to the following:

1. My Achilles Heel is my self doubt and criticism

Take a few quiet moments to muster your compassion and acknowledge how your self criticism makes you feel.

2. What parts of myself am I now pledging to accept?

I pledge to accept my criticism so long as it is constructive criticism and not something that will lower my self esteem.

3. Where am I coming from and which part of me drives my choices and actions?

I’m coming from my Authentic Self. There were times today where my negative ego took over my thoughts but I really had to remind myself to just snap out of it.

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